Our client’s wishes are the top priority, and we encourage client participation at all stages from initial planning to the implementation of the project. The Team will work with the client to identify the client’s needs. Depending on the scope of work we will incorporate the design sketch into the client project and present it to the client.

Pre -Construction

The pre-construction work starts after the contract is signed by the client. This is when we start assembling our team including general labors and field testing the construction plans if necessary.


We schedule all activities and budget management. We will be responsible for ordering all materials, tracking them, coordinating with vendors until delivery of products.

Project Execution

One of the most vital of the project phases. During this stage we will construct our deliverables
and present to our client and key stakeholders.


The client moves into the house. Team will no longer be on site, but we may still be
responsible for the construction project depending on the contract policies.

Project closure

Obligation of the client is fulfilled, but as a company we are not quite done yet. In order to ensure the team got the most out of the project, we conduct a review meeting for the things that went right and what could be improved.

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